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Dad's Pies staff

Dad’s Pies is a food manufacturer producing not only pies but also sausage rolls and ready-to-eat meals. The business has been running for 40 years at its Silverdale location in North Auckland and is in an exciting growth phase, especially over the last 12-18 months.

Upskills was engaged to provide a tailored NZ Certificate in Business (Team Leadership) course with embedded literacy and numeracy. In partnership with Competenz and Jeff Tufnell at Jupiter Training, we are also collaborating on the NZ Certificate in General Manufacturing. Recipe for Success started to roll out in February and will run through to October 2021.

The Dad's Pies team

Dad’s Pies Operations Manager, Aaron de Jonge, shares why he’s so passionate about growing talent from within.


What motivated Dad’s Pies to engage with workplace communication training?

Since I have been here, I have advocated for a good structure, processes and disciplines. To succeed in this, we need to grow and develop our staff at every level so they can be more engaged and involved in our journey.


What benefits have you seen from an organisational point of view?

Exactly, that – more involvement from those key staff, they are starting to understand the purpose behind the “why” we do certain things.


What’s been the most surprising benefit of rolling out the training?

The genuine want to do it from most of the participants, and now we’re seeing other staff put their hand up for next year and indeed staff wanting to go to the next level as well. The biggest benefits are still to come of course…


What are people across the business saying about the training?

Really good feedback from across the board at senior level especially, and People & Culture.


What do you hope will be the legacy of Recipe for Success?

A fully operational “Factory Operating System” that is so systematic it can’t break when I’m not here 😉


What are the factors you think have made the programme successful?

Me being pushy with everyone to make sure they get participants there! Seriously though, the delivery from the coaches has made it a fun environment as opposed to a school environment. That’s the feedback I’m getting – which is awesome.


What’s next?

I can’t wait to see the progress next week, and then getting into our Continuous Improvement (CI) Programme which I have been planning to get in place for over a year. I’m looking forward to working alongside you all in years to come as well.


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