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Congratulations to our Upskills tutor, Seema Singh who was recently highly commended in the Skills Highway Champion Trainer category.  Here’s what we wrote when we nominated Seema for this award earlier in the year:

If there was ever a tutor who could pivot and then pivot again throughout the Covid challenges of 2020, Upskills tutor Seema Singh is your woman.  When Aotearoa went into lockdown the first time, Seema made sure her learners didn’t miss out – leveraging tech tools from Zoom to WhatsApp, from Canva to TikTok to get innovative, creative and smart about delivering real learning benefits. Seema gave it her all to ensure her learners had the best chance of success. In Lockdown #2, Seema’s Level 2 group at Life Health Foods switched to online learning without missing a beat. They never miss Seema’s sessions – turning up to an extra Zoom wellbeing session when they were on annual leave for a week and rocking their sessions with an overall attendance rate of 99%!

Left to right, Holly Patterson (Upskills director), Seema Singh our champion trainer and Sarah Balfour (Upskills director)

Left to right, Holly Patterson, Seema Singh, Sarah Balfour

Seema describes her approach as focused on forming and fostering meaningful relationships with learners to achieve excellence.  She loves learning about cultures and tries to bring this into her teaching methods – conversational Hindi, Punjabi, Samoan and Fijian mean she has the ability to bridge a gap if needed.  Seema brings ako, fast and focused feedback to learners, and a total commitment to her own ongoing professional development into the mix to be an amazing educator.  Seema’s learners are on the fast track to success with the commitment, energy and teaching passion she brings to the workplace literacy sector!

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