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Upskills is very easy to work with. Everyone is very professional and committed to getting the training done. The cohorts at Brinks are fully engaged with the programme and they’re enjoying the training.

Our staff needed basic numeracy, English and digital skills. They received an opportunity to learn these skills through the Upskills course including learning digital skills on devices that they would not have had access to before.

Since completing the course, learners are a lot more engaged at work, especially with speaking up to their supervisors. The projects that have come out of the Upskills programme have helped the business with reducing waste, staff overtime and cost savings in products, packaging and consumables. There are also future opportunities for learners. We hope they can participate in other training programmes delivered by Upskills to further progress their learning journey at Brinks.

Stephen Clark, Secondary Process Manager, Van Den Brink Poultry

Upskills Ltd.

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