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The learning files - Lovey, TastiFe’ofa’aki (Lovey) Savea is a leading hand at Tasti food manufacturers in Te Atatu, Tāmaki. She’s worked at Tasti for 12 years, starting as a process worker. She’s originally from Tonga.

Best learning tip:

Learn how to become a leader and lead the team through teamwork. Get to know all the staff and have more experience on the line. The more experience you have on the line, the easier your job will be.

Your biggest challenge in Lockdown:

Not being able to see my family and friends. I normally see my siblings every weekend, the same with my friends.

Teach us something:

Be more friendly at work and be kind to your staff and your co-workers.

Your biggest learning so far from your programme?

Learning how to use a laptop to send emails. Also, learning how to change from kilos to grams and the other way.

How have you used this at work/home?

Sometimes I use measurement calculations at home.

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