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Upskills Complaints Policy

Last updated: July 2023

This Complaints Policy applies to business carried out by Upskills Ltd, in respect of its customers.

There are several touchpoints for complaints within our regular evaluation process – early and end-point evaluations.

Learners should first talk to their tutor or programme coordinator if they have concerns.  They can also contact one of the Upskills Directors, Sarah Balfour or Holly Patterson if they wish to talk to someone.

Learners still wanting to make a complaint can email a dedicated inbox and Upskills will respond within 48 hours to their concern.  Learners can also phone our office on 09 622 8979 to make a complaint or use the contact us form.

What to expect when you make a complaint

    1. Complaint received and recorded in Complaints Register.
    2. Complaint acknowledged by Upskills
    3. Complaint evaluated by the management team at Upskills
    4. Appropriate action identified
    5. Action communicated to the learner, immediate and longer-term changes implemented as necessary (within 48 hours of the complaint being received)
    6. Complaint resolved
    7. Learner check-in post complaint to ensure satisfaction with the outcome
    8. Complaint communicated at monthly management hui.


    • You can choose a support person to guide you through the complaints process
    • You can make a complaint as a group of learners also
    • If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction you can engage the Tertiary Education Dispute Resolution service (  TEDR provides a free, independent service, impartially assisting domestic learners and education providers to resolve contractual and financial disputes.

      Learners must first go through their own education or training provider’s internal resolution process but if they are not satisfied with the outcome, they can subsequently contact TEDR for further resolution support. The organisation seeks to work through disagreements through consensus – using a ‘talk, meet, resolve’ process. When required, TEDR can appoint an independent decision-maker.

Possible outcomes to a complaint

    • Your work may be remarked by an alternative Upskills tutor
    • You may be transferred to a different group
    • You may input changes into the type of content being taught to you
    • You may access further learning support to guide your learning journey
    • Other more specific solutions to individual complaints

We aim to find a solution that works for you in the context of your complaint.  Language is not a barrier to complaining as you can use a support person or we can find a translator/interpreter to communicate your needs.  We are committed to always improving and providing you with a high-quality learning experience and value all feedback.

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