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Self-Awareness Activity

Self awareness activity

Do you have the ability to read and understand your emotions as well as recognize their impact on others?

This is what Psychologist, Daniel Goleman first described as Self Awareness in 2002. You have a good sense of how others see you and have a good handle on your own strengths and limitations.

What does all this mean in relation to the workplace, and leadership?  Research shows when you see yourself clearly, you’re more confident and creative.  You’re a better leader, and you make decisions more effectively.  You’re more likely to lead productive, profitable companies.

Self-awareness means you are,

  • more intuitive with others
  • better able to hear feedback from others

When you’ve got more of a handle on how others see you, you can take feedback from colleagues without it crushing your own confidence.

Try this activity download to run with your staff to grow their self-awareness. It’s a great way into a conversation about how we see ourselves and how others might see us – and invite some self-awareness into the mix.

Download Here

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