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Courageous conversation in the office

Courageous conversations should be taking place within all layers of your organisation.  We can help you discover what can get in the way of this happening. Creating the right environment in which open communication can take place is key.

Why do we need this course?

This half-day workshop is about building confidence in your people to speak up about health and safety. It could save lives and prevent accidents.

Who is it for?

All staff.

How will my organisation benefit?

Your staff will build the communication, assertiveness tools and frameworks for speaking out in the context of health and safety to drive a healthy safety culture.

Is it government funded?

No, but it’s important to weigh up the potential cost of not doing it.

What will participants learn?

They will learn:

What courageous conversations are. What gets in the way of having one, and strategies to work around these issues.

Key tools and model for having a courageous conversation:

  •                Behaviour focus
  •                Staying out of blame
  •                Empathy
  •                ‘I’ Statements – four-part model
  •                Broken record technique
  •                Hot buttons and how to handle them
  •                Planning & intention

Roleplays and practical hands-on activities to embed the tools and gain the confidence to use them.

Clear action plan for behaviour change and follow up.

Want to know more about courageous conversations courses?

Call Sarah Balfour on +64 21 969 642 to discuss your needs.

Read about our presentation at the Safeguard National Health & Safety Conference 2019.



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