Future Ready: Leadership Confidence


This Leadership Confidence course builds confidence in your Pacific people with leadership roles. Fully funded by MBIE and delivered in partnership with Tātaki Auckland Unlimited’s Project Ikuna programme.Tātaki Auckland Unlimited logo

A way to look at gaining confidence in leadership from a uniquely Pacific perspective.


Project Ikuna is funded by MBIE in partnership with Tātaki Auckland Unlimited


In the workplace

NZQA qualification


Best for

Foundation level learners who identify as Pasifika


16-18 hours delivered to your schedule

Watch a success story from Tātaki Auckland Unlimited

Hear from participants and management at HEB Construction on how they found our Future Ready: Leadership Confidence course.



Graduates from this programme will be able to:

  • Understand their strengths and the areas they need to grow
  • Apply a ‘personality types/communication preferences’ model to understand why we all communicate differently
  • Create a communication action plan to identify the best ways to communicate with their team and family
  • Apply active listening skills to conversations
  • Gain knowledge around the motivation of others at work and home to create success
  • Understand external and internal motivation factors
  • Explore values-based motivation
  • Set goals as motivational practice
  • Have a professional conversation their with manager about future career pathways
  • Complete an online learning module


Participants gain an Otago Polytechnic Micro credential to recognise their learning.


The way in which we deliver this programme for your organisation is flexible depending on your needs.  Groups of 6-10 learners are ideal to work through a 16-18 hour programme together.

It can be delivered in weekly blocks of 2 hours or a more intensive programme such as 4 hour blocks, as you prefer. Training delivery is on-site at your organisation and we are able to deliver this programme throughout the Greater Auckland area.

Talk to our team for more details

Contact Tafā Iakopo at Upskills on +64 22 067 1770 to find out more, or visit Tātaki Auckland Unlimited to register for our Future Ready Leadership Confidence course now.