Future Ready: Leadership Confidence

This Leadership Confidence course builds confidence in your Pacific people with leadership roles.

A way to look at gaining confidence in leadership from a uniquely Pacific perspective.

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Pasifika workforce


16-18 hours delivered to your schedule


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NZQA qualification





Client cohort

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Hear from participants and management at HEB Construction on how they found our Future Ready: Leadership Confidence course.



Graduates from this programme will be able to:

  • Understand their strengths and the areas they need to grow
  • Apply a ‘personality types/communication preferences’ model to understand why we all communicate differently
  • Create a communication action plan to identify the best ways to communicate with their team and family
  • Apply active listening skills to conversations
  • Gain knowledge around the motivation of others at work and home to create success
  • Understand external and internal motivation factors
  • Explore values-based motivation
  • Set goals as a motivational practice
  • Have a professional conversation their with manager about future career pathways
  • Complete an online learning module


How we deliver this programme for your organisation is flexible depending on your needs.  Groups of 6-10 learners are ideal to work through a 16-18 hour programme together.

It can be delivered in weekly blocks of 2 hours or a more intensive programme such as 4-hour blocks, as you prefer. Training delivery is on-site at your organisation and we can now deliver this programme throughout New Zealand.

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Contact Tafā Iakopo at Upskills on +64 22 067 1770 to find out more.