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Upskills is a good business to work with. They kept us fully informed and helped us to achieve our goals for staff.

Upskills brought education and awareness to staff who lacked opportunities or were yet to develop the skills. It has brought staff more in tune with our thinking and enabled them to take a stake in the business when they work with us.

Working with Upskills has hopefully given the staff more understanding in their dealings with fellow staff. It has made them more aware of our values and the importance of their contribution to the successful running of our business. They now take more pride and gain value from their work.

Allan Fong, Director, The Fresh Grower


Upskills Ltd.

Address: 93 Church St, Onehunga, Auckland 1061
Free parking: 120 minutes, Gerrard Beeson Pl.
Phone: 09 622 3979