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Be Brave tackles workplace numeracy, helping students understand percentages and other equations applicable to the workplace. However, it does so much more than that – building confidence, tackling bullying head-on, helping people learn to speak out, and changing attitudes. At Griffin’s, this has had an enormous impact on the company, individuals, and their families. Let’s hear Jackie’s story.

Be Brave - Jackie Te Paea – Machine Operator & Health and Safety Representative, Griffin'sJackie Te Paea – Machine Operator & Health and Safety Representative

Jackie’s certainly not someone who runs from a challenge – the outgoing, enthusiastic clicklock machine operator was, by her own accounts, the ‘guinea pig’ for Be Brave. Working one-on-one with Hazel, our tutor, before the programme started to help Upskills determine how the project needed to look at Griffin’s before doing Be Brave herself.

Before working at Griffin’s, Jackie was helping South Auckland whanau from rough backgrounds through Te Whakaora Tangata. A partnership was made between Te Whakaora Tangata and Griffin’s – and Jackie ended up working for Griffins. She’s taken her passion for helping people through to her job with Griffin’s and into (and out of!) the Be Brave programme.

“For myself, when I know things aren’t right and it’s going to hurt or harm me, it’s going to do the same thing for others,” shares Jackie. “That’s also what I felt about the programme – if it was going to help me, it would help a lot of people.”

Jackie threw herself into the Be Brave programme, focusing on a project that would improve communication between Griffin’s people on the factory floor and leadership, as well as the culture within the factory teams.

“The more people that go through this programme and do it, the better it’s going to become in this plant. Walls and divisions are slowly coming down, and the more workers get to do it, the better this place is going to be. I feel it – it’s thriving and the people are too, their spirits are lifting up.”

Clicklock machine operator

Personally, she’s already seen it impact hugely on her role operating the clicklock machine.

“I’ve not been too keen on maths from the get go – maths is a weakness – but the equations we had to do and the explanation that Lynn gave me made it more fun,” says Jackie about the workplace numeracy skills she’s gained on the programme. “I look at maths differently now – when we’ve finished our run we have to figure out the number of cartons left over on the pallet. I used to have to go through it from start, middle to finish and now I can just shortcut all of that.”

Health & Safety Rep

As for her role as a health and safety rep, Be Brave has given her the courage to speak up, and speak out.

“I’ve always been confident, but the circumstances I have faced can kill that confidence. What Be Brave has done for me is exactly that – I feel brave to be able to say something.

“The angle I come from is if I can help that person to recognise that there are dangers and be aware of that, I can leave this factory every day happy – and that’s, to me, what Be Brave is all about.”

An advocate for the programme

Now, Jackie’s busy telling everyone she comes across to jump on board and take advantage of the programme.

“I’ve been vocal in the smoko room about the Be Brave programme. Because I truly believe that this programme would benefit every worker in this plant. It’s given us the opportunity to see what comes next. If you want to excel, you’ve got to put yourself out there.

That’s what I feel Be Brave can do for our workers. Firstly, it gives them a voice. Secondly, it lets them know where they really do want to be. And thirdly, it gives them that confidence to take that step up.”

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