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Be Brave tackles workplace numeracy, helping students understand percentages and other equations applicable to the workplace. However, it does so much more than that – building confidence, tackling bullying head-on, helping people learn to speak out, and changing attitudes. At Griffin’s, this has had an enormous impact on the company, individuals, and their families. Let’s hear Maree’s story.

Maree Rihari – Machine Operator & 2IC

For Maree, Griffin’s is almost like home – having been there for 19 years (minus a few years break in the middle), she’s certainly an expert at running her machines.

However, having taken a few years off recently, her supervisor felt she might benefit from taking part in the Be Brave programme. With no idea what to expect, Maree dived into the programme and put her heart and soul into her group’s project, which focused on changing the health and safety culture within Griffins.

“Our presentation was to do with getting the old staff out of having their old approach to health and safety. I can see changes now – it’s getting there slowly. You see people approaching others and showing them how to do it the safe way and they don’t mind.”

As for Maree, while she was thrilled to finally understand how to use percentages and fractions easily in the workplace, the biggest impact for her wasn’t about maths.

“I didn’t know what to expect from doing it – I learned how to speak up when there’s something that there’s a right way of doing it. That’s what I got out of it – being satisfied that the managers do listen to what we have to say.

Instead of me getting frustrated and not saying anything, I now speak out – at work and at home. At home, I would choose the bad words but now I sit back and take a moment to cool down and then talk. It’s improved my relationship with my kids.”

Be Brave workplace numeracy training

For Maree, one of the most amazing things was seeing the changes in others, from colleagues she knew well to other employees she’d never even met.

“There were three others (in my group) who I didn’t know. I found that I got to see their side of things, seeing the morning shift – each of them had a different way of dealing with things in their own life.

I’ve seen different changes in people who have done it – they don’t seem so stressed and actually enjoy doing their job now.”

Moving on, Maree’s encouraging everyone who gets the chance to take part in Be Brave.

“You never know what to expect. There could be something there that you never knew you wanted to know. It’s not just having time off work – you get to know things you didn’t know, and learn not to be afraid to ask.”

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