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How do you find learning on the Branch Out programme?

I find learning very good and important because if we are not learning we won’t be able to know things.

How will these skills help you?

It will help me to interact with my workers and other people and also take these skills so I can teach my little siblings the new things I have learnt on Branch Out.

At work?

Talking nicely to my workmates and communicating very clearly with them.

At home?

Timekeeping. We have trouble with timekeeping at home so with this skill I have learnt, I can teach them and show them how important it is to manage our time properly.

Tell us about one of your role models and why:

I haven’t had many role models growing up because of who I am. However, my new friend, who is also a fa’afafine, is the person who I look up to now. She is a great example to me and young fa’afafine. She taught us that we were never to blend in, we were born to stand out and always to love yourself.

Teach us something:

Have fun with your job.  You set the tone and the vibe in your work area!

Love yourself!

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