ESOL For Migrant Workforces

Why do your staff need this course?

In response to the skills shortage, you may over the last few years have recruited a cohort of staff from overseas. Whilst technically very capable, they may have some difficulties using English in everyday workplace situations. Perhaps you would like them to build confidence to speak up at meetings, write better reports, take part in external training, participate more widely in activities across the business and get stuck into your company culture?

How will my organisation benefit?

Supporting staff to increase their use of English at work will help them feel more at home and be more productive at work. Having a workforce that is diverse and inclusive will strengthen your company culture by ensuring that all your staff have the communication skills to better understand each other.





NZQA qualification

Not available

Best for

Employees who have English as a Second Language and are not yet permanent residents of New Zealand


Flexible from 15-40 hours


Depends on the duration and number of participants. Call 09 622 3979 for details.

Participants will learn:

Topics can be tailored to your business needs, but will likely include:

  • How to speak up at meetings, raise issues and concerns, and read and write reports, emails, and other documentation.
  • Communication using Kiwi English to get to know co-workers better, participate in NZ life and improve pronunciation and speech.


How it works:

The format of delivery is flexible depending on the make-up of each group.

Our preferred delivery is in the workplace but training can take place online if this is not possible.

Find out more

Get in touch with us at Upskills to discuss your learners’ needs and schedule.