Train the Trainer Short Course

Our Train the Trainer short course will enable participants to gain comprehensive knowledge and the skillset for the effective training of others.

When your staff are training others, whether it be in health and safety, quality, or following a work instruction or Standard Operating Procedure, you want to be confident the message has been understood.

With the high level of internal training happening on-site at work, companies often take good training skills and knowledge for granted.  Unfortunately, good training doesn’t just happen without efficient planning, knowledge of how adults learn and retain information, and the psychology of learning.

That’s where our Train the Trainer Short course comes in so that you can be confident in your staff’s ability to develop and grow others and further develop your organisation’s learning culture.




Nationwide in the workplace and online as necessary

NZQA qualification


Best for

Staff who train others regularly


16-25 hours

Participants will learn

  • The principles of adult learning
  • How to engage adults in learning sessions
  • Active learning, hands-on philosophy
  • How to lift training off the page so that it is interactive and meaningful
  • The key stages of any learning session
  • How to write learning outcomes
  • Chunking information and differentiating learning
  • Creating memory cues
  • The psychology of adult learning
  • Evaluating training sessions
  • How to identify potential barriers to learning and how to address these
  • Personalising learning


  • Risk of misunderstandings mitigated – fewer mistakes occurring
  • Strong learning culture which contributes to staff engagement and retention
  • Opportunities for staff to step up into a training role and learn new skills


Next Steps

Contact us to see how Train the Trainer could work in your organisation.

For example, read about how Train the Trainer transformed training at Life Health Foods.

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  • We also offer this course in a public format with our NEW Pop-up Train The Trainer course – perfect if you only have 1 or 2 participants from your organisation.