Pop-up Leadership in Dunedin

Upskills delivers Pop-up Leadership in partnership
with Competenz.

Equipping people leaders with the right tools to succeed is key to the success of your business. The New Zealand Certificate in Business (Team Leadership) empowers individuals to lead with confidence. This course is perfect for emerging and front-line leaders – those stepping into a new role in managing people. Alternatively, as a brush-up for those who have been managing for some time but without any formal training input.

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Best for

Frontline leaders

Timing & Duration

48 hours


$1,950+GST per person

NZQA qualification

Yes – Level 3 Certificate in Business (Team Leadership)


Blended (face-to-face and online delivery)

Upskills venue


Public course

Next course starts

Thursday 8 August ’24

He aha te kai a te rangatira? He kōrero, he kōrero, he kōrero.
What is the food of the leader? It is knowledge. It is communication.

You will learn

  • How to lead through change and how to be an emotionally intelligent leader.
  • Best practice for fostering a culture of wellness and resilience for your team.
  • How to create space and time for you to lead via effective delegation and coaching.
  • Goal-setting and problem-solving techniques.
  • Effective team communication, introducing the eye-opening Tetramap ‘Why am I like that?’ module.
  • How to lead your team through a project. Covering everything from ideas to evaluation.
  • About technology to help modern leaders. Everything you will need from running meetings to managing remote teams.
  • How to give motivating feedback to a team.

You will gain

  • NZQA accreditation to Level 3

How it works

  • 7 months duration
  • Face-to-face and blended learning via Teams
  • Assessment mahi leads to the NZ Certificate in Business (Team Leadership) Level 3 in partnership with Competenz, (manufacturing,
    print and engineering industry training organisation)
  • Full access to eLearning modules via our LMS, Absorb


  • Progress to qualification via an embedded project approach
  • Flexible delivery means minimal time away from work is required
  • The blended approach delivers something for all types of learning styles
  • Have fun while learning with our fantastic Upskills delivery team
  • NZQA accredited to Level 3

Talk to our team for more details

If you or one of your team members is interested to learn more about The NZ Certificate in Business (Team Leadership) Level 3 – Pop-Up Leadership course please register your interest by calling us or using the button below.

If the course is for your personal development, please ensure you have your employer’s support first.

Call Holly Patterson: 021 156 3242 or Sarah Balfour: 021 969 642 for more information.

Frequently asked questions

How is it delivered?

  • We use a flipped model where  traditional ideas about group-learning activities and self-study are reversed, or “flipped.” In this model, learners interact with new material through self-study first.
  • 1-hour Teams sessions delivered 1 per week over 20 weeks
  • 3 x full-day sessions delivered face-to-face
  • Access to e-course materials through our LMS, Absorb
  • Extra support for NZQA assessment completion.

What is the price?

The course price is $1,950 + GST per person*. This includes a personalised Tetramap® profile.

Why take this pop-up leadership course?

It’s the best mix of self-study, group discussion, and learning through interesting, relevant content. Our learners love this mash-up of different formats which successfully engages everyone.

How does the project work?

During the course, participants learn how to manage a project. We start with an idea for improvement or innovation to benefit the workplace. We’ve found it’s a useful and relevant way to apply skills and benefit the company as well as the individual learner.

When is the next course running?

The next course starts Thursday 8 August 2024 in Dunedin.

Call us now if you have questions 09 622 3979 or reserve a place.

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