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Auckland Pop-Up Leadership

What do you get when you combine a group of Pop-Up Leaders at the Home Ideas Centre and present them with the chair challenge?


Lots of laughs, a tonne of ako (reciprocal learning) and a Unit Standard all in the mix!

Our latest group of Pop-Up Leaders came together for their first full face-to-face day on their leadership journey at the Home Ideas Centre, our Parnell venue, recently.  The group is made up of staff from a range of companies, including Solo, Inghams, Adept, MCC Labels and The Fresh Grower.

Programme Coordinator, Ree Angell says the energy was high as the participants (who had previously only met via zoom) got to know each other. They executed the chair challenge to test their problem-solving and communication abilities to the limit.  The group got it down to a fine art, completing two rounds in under 30 seconds.  Other content throughout the day built on self-awareness and the communication preferences of others as well as leadership styles.

“My head hurts from today’s session, was full-on but really got a lot out of it.”Auckland Pop-Up Leader Group

“Really enjoyed today’s session and looking forward to the next one now.”

“Just got home, was a cool day of learning, have a sore head, but was very nice meeting our group.” 

“I am the only WATER in the team so will keep us all swimming in the right direction.’ (after our Tetramap session)

“Quite eye-opening to some of the traits I see in myself that aren’t that positive as a leader”

Pop-Up LeadersTheir Pop-Up Leadership programme continues – with weekly zoom sessions, learning modules and two more full face-to-face days to come. We can’t wait to see all the learnings and innovations that come out of the process as these leaders develop and grow.

Pop-Up Leadership programmes run regularly throughout the country: Auckland, Wellington, Hawkes Bay and Christchurch locations. We are currently taking bookings for the next course. 


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