Short Courses

Focused intensive learning

Our short courses are compact knowledge capsules that allow learners to quickly improve their skills or broaden their understanding of the subject.

Money Confidence Money Savvy

Money Savvy Course

Are your staff confident in managing their money? Give them the tools to thrive with Upskills' Money Savvy course.

Pop Up Train The Trainer - next course starts 24 July 2024

Pop-up Train the Trainer

A short public train the trainer programme to equip your staff with the tools for making sure internal training is a success.

Project Ikuna: Future Ready Wellbeing Course

Future Ready: Wellbeing

Learn practical, proven tools to boost wellbeing for you and your whānau.

TetraMap® For Improved Team Communication

People can use Tetramap to help team members understand how individual communication preferences can impact on team harmony.

ESOL for migrant workers

English As A Second Language For Migrant Staff

Supporting staff to increase their use of English at work will help them feel more at home with your company's culture and be more productive.

Digital Savvy Course

Digital Savvy Course

Are your staff are confident to engage with digital change? Upskills' new course is for operational workforces.

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