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“This course is amazing!”


Confidence. It’s a word that we often hear in relation to the outcomes of our mahi but what does it actually look like in the workplace? Our participants in the Fonterra Brands Good Together programme tell us what confidence means for them:

  • sending an email when you never have before
  • putting your hand up for a new role at work
  • using new words
  • speaking up when you don’t understand instructions
  • having that courageous conversation with a manager
  • entering data into the company health and safety system

Ten learners, 17 weeks, and a huge learning journey for all involved in ‘Good Together’, which saw participants focus on literacy, numeracy, digital skills and communication.  During their graduation, each learner presented their learning journey to management. Presenting formally (incorporating another new digital skill of creating a slide presentation) was another new experience for the learners and one that they impressed everyone with.

“This learning, you have shared today, this is what matters. This is how we become not only good together, but great together,” says FBNZ Takanini Site Manager Troy Gullery.  “This has warmed my heart,” he added.  “I wish I had a course like this when I was just starting out to help me along the way.”

Within the presentations the learners shared the areas that had the greatest impact on them, what changed for them during the course, how these skills had improved their mahi and the wider impact this has had on both their own next steps and what this means for their communities.

“This was not like any of the other training courses we have ever done.”

“It was interactive, we were in it, and we learnt from each other.”

“Having the small groups meant our tutor could actually guide each of us with whatever it was we were struggling with.”

“I’ve been here like 30 years, and I’ve never stood up in front of the group.”

“This course has given me a lot of confidence to communicate and perform my work.”

A few of the learners had never sent an email prior to the course. “I felt shame with my emails, not knowing how to do it. I had that fear around my language and so I just didn’t do it,” said Neil Lauaki. Every participant now emails their managers and enters risks and hazards into the company’s online reporting system.

“We really shared a lot during the programme. We were vulnerable and sharing that truth to start has made a difference.” The learners shared how teamwork, learning from each other, and creating a safe learning space made a difference to their learning environment. “It has changed my outlook on everything,” says Jose Flores.

Managers agreed confidence was a huge area of change, and they gave feedback to each learner on how much growth they could see in them all.

“You are all evolving in your role,” said Senior Process Manager Lewis Hori.  “I’ve seen you improve and am real proud. You guys are the most important part of this company.”


“This has made me really emotional, seeing you get up and do that,” said Supervisor A’ana Leilua.  “I have known you long before you started here and that is the most I have ever heard you say. As a fellow Samoan, I am so proud of you. I wish that my parents had had something like this.”

Upskills Tutor Melissa Hori says it was a real team effort.  “We are so proud of all the effort, the energy, the vulnerability, the courage and the teamwork that each learner has put into this programme. It has been impressive to see each learner transfer this learning into their work and their lives in general.”

“I’ve learned how to be more flexible in a way that makes my life happy. This course is amazing!”
“I feel my mind is refreshed about numeracy. It is important because I deal with it every day about money and everything in the factory. There are a lot of numbers we encounter in the workplace or even in our house.”
“On this course I have taken a leadership role and have helped direct others. I have learned more about coping with disagreements.”
“I learned to have a cool down period if I am angry or upset.”

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