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Do you know your plastic float from your edge trowel? Manhole lifter from your scrubber brush?

Learners in the Camex Civil GET RIPPED programme came up with an easy reference guide to everyday tools in their industry so that everyone talks the same language. It’s called a PIMP, which stands for Practical Items Mobile Poster (just in case you were wondering!) .

It’s just one of the innovations to come out of the GET RIPPED programme at Camex Civil.

  • As a result of the programme, 80% of participants said they were more confident to innovate and progress in their job roles.
  • We saw this intention flow through to participants’ future goals with 80% aiming to take on more responsibility at work.

A great result for a growing company keen to build its talent from within the business and a clear career pathway for those working their way up.

The impacts of learning have rippled into participants’ personal lives as well as their work.

Here’s what some of them had to say about their learning takeaways:

“I can bring in what I’ve learnt into everyday life.”

“I’m feeling good, glad to see that I am building up with my goals. I’m pretty confident that I’ve been making good progress with them.”

“I built on the skills to ask colleagues for help.”

“Before Upskills I wasn’t as confident with technology or maths and literacy. This course has helped me relearn some things I had forgotten.”

The group achieved all of this in a disrupted period of learning. They demonstrated grit and learning resilience as their programme flipped from online to face-to-face delivery throughout the pandemic.

Congratulations Camex – an inspiring programme!

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