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Diversity. What does it mean for New Zealand workplaces?

Auckland hosted New Zealand’s first Diversity Summit last week. It was interesting to reflect on this question in the context of New Zealand workplaces. Particularly the connection to the workplace literacy programmes that Upskills facilitates. Here’s what we learned.

Diversity Works supports and advises New Zealand organisations on their diversity journey. It points out that diversity goes well beyond ethnicity. It is ‘inclusive’ and embraces differences in gender, sexuality, spirituality, ethnicity, and age. Beyond this, diversity of thought was a hot topic of discussion at the summit.

One speaker asked, ‘How do businesses give all employees a real voice which is heard and acknowledged in the business?’  You can provide a vehicle for this voice to be heard through workplace literacy programmes. Upskills programmes, weave together problem-solving tools and develop critical thinking skills.  This process results in employees presenting improvement ideas to their supervisors and managers, providing innovations to the business and delivering considerable confidence boosts to employees who participate.

Does your business have a process for capturing people’s ideas at all levels of the business?  Or are you missing out on a whole range of diverse and innovative thinking? Imagine how it could change the way you operate for the better.

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