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Trevor Marshall, Solo Flying High ParticipantTrevor Marshall has been working at Solo Plastics in Avondale for 21 years as a Machine Shop Supervisor. He’s a recent participant on Solo’s Flying High programme.

Best learning tip

Enjoy the lesson and not worry about it.  I know my limitations but there’s no point worrying about that.  Just sit back and enjoy it.

The biggest learning from your programme?

That’s easy.  One is talking to people now and the other is getting confidence with my computer. I now ask questions of my staff instead of telling them and I get them to give me the answer. I still have to check their answer.  Another is that my goals used to be almost unachievable.  Now, I make them smaller and more achievable.  I can cross off more and feel better about what I can do.  I’ve also been learning about courageous conversations.  I have more confidence with those now.

How have you used this at work/home?

Now I can find websites, Google search of course and use the new work online health and safety tool.  I created a folder last night on my home computer for the first time.  I didn’t know how to do it but I had an understanding of what to look for from what we’ve learnt on the course.  So I looked for something that said ‘new’ and I managed to do it.

Solo Flying High Programme GroupTeach us something

Set yourself SMART goals.  Make them smaller and achievable.

Final thoughts

I’ve learnt so much.  I enjoy every Flying High class.

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