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Upskills has really engaged with our business over the past 3 years and has developed a superb understanding of what we’re about, more so than any other training provider has done to date.

We engaged Upskills for a number of our programs and initiatives, and among other skills, they helped our workforce get behind the ‘whys’ to filling out forms and improving their confidence to speak up at meetings.

Upskills adapted well to the various different groups that make up our workforce and were able to bring our guys and girls out of their shells. They have far exceeded our hopes and expectations in each of the programs they have run with us. They have quickly become a partner to our business, an extension to our training and staff development initiatives.

Our first engagement with Upskills was our Adult Numeracy and Literacy Program. This program has been so much more than learning about reading and writing. It has been thanks to Upskills collaboration with our staff, managers included, that has inspired our staff to keep going in their careers. We couldn’t recommend their style and delivery enough to potential new clients.

Upskills Ltd.

Address: 93 Church St, Onehunga, Auckland 1061
Free parking: 120 minutes, Gerrard Beeson Pl.
Phone: 09 622 3979