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Good training is all about one thing, communication

Communication is key to success in any workplace because the way employees communicate impacts their team. The way a team communicates impacts the organisation. And the way an organisation communicates impacts the community around them.

Not only that, but a lack of successful communication can also lead to conflict, errors in the workplace, and a lack of motivation among employees. That’s where tools like TetraMap® come in – to help us make our courses even more effective at improving communication skills.

So what is TetraMap®?

Earth, Air, Water and Fire – which one are you? Or are you a unique combination of all four elements? That’s the question that TetraMap® asks in its quest to get individuals, teams, and organisations to communicate better.

TetraMap® is a tool for facilitators, like our Upskills tutors. By using it they can better help individuals understand their communication preferences. It gives people a language to use when communicating with their team. By identifying each person’s preference, be that Earth, Air, Water or Fire, learners are able to understand how they best communicate. They also become more familiar with how they operate under stress or in a team. TetraMap® also provides them with a framework to understand how others like to communicate and behave.

“It takes the heat out of what could be difficult conversations and it makes people value differences rather than just saying you’re being difficult because you’re not seeing it from my perspective,” explains Louise Duncan, Managing Director of TetraMap®. “People definitely experience an ‘aha’ moment when they recognise each other’s differences and see how those are complementary.”

What makes it so effective?

According to Louise, the reason TetraMap® works so well is that people love the nature concept so much.

“It’s easy to grasp; it has very high ‘stickability’ factor because everybody can talk about nature. It’s a seriously fun style of learning that fosters energy and vitality,” shares Louise.

Perhaps even more importantly, it’s a truly context-based tool which we can use in any organisation to suit the exact audience, workplace environment, or cultures involved. Although it was developed here in New Zealand, TetraMap® has good cross-cultural applicability. It is already being used effectively all over the world, from the US to the UK, Singapore to Mexico.

How does Upskills use it for workplace communication skills training?

Here at Upskills, we’ve been using TetraMap® for a few years, and we have certified TetraMap® facilitators. We wanted a tool that our team could leverage to understand and value diversity. One that would enable us to facilitate learning in a way that encourages people to take different approaches to problem-solving.

While using TetraMap®, we run learners through the process, asking them questions and identifying the ways in which they communicate and interact. Unlike psychometric tests focused on personality, it’s an interactive, experiential learning model, focused on giving a contextualised view of communication and behaviour. The flexibility of the tool also means we can cater for every organisation. Although the content is much the same, the way we’re able to adapt the process and design the context to suit each individual client is ideal.

We’re already seeing real benefits from using the tool, from reducing conflict to building empathy and connection. The process demonstrates the value that comes from the diversity of thought. We love that in organisations across the country, people now feel more confident to bring their own perspective to the table while also inviting other people to bring theirs.

We can facilitate TetraMap® within your organisation as a standalone tool or add it to your workplace literacy and numeracy training, to ensure it’s as effective as possible. To discuss how we can best implement TetraMap® for your organisation, contact us today.

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TetraMap® is a registered trademark of TetraMap International in NZ and other countries.

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