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Sione is part of the workplace literacy and numeracy programme currently running at Dempsey Wood Civil in Auckland.  Here he shares a few insights into learning in the current environment.

How many years have you been doing what you do?

Over 14 years in total, the last year and a half as a labourer at Dempsey Wood Civil.

Best learning tip:

I like it because I got to learn how to use online stuff so you have to have the devices to use. Practice how to use meeting ID and password and how to get online on Zoom. Make sure you have the password right: small and big letters exactly as they are.

Your biggest challenge in Lockdown:

Cooking. Haha! And leaving my daughter with her nanna so my wife and I can go to work.

Something you’re looking forward to in Alert Level 1:

Nothing planned as I want to be careful.

Teach us something:

Go and find the words you don’t know at home. Try to pronounce them and find the meaning. Practice your words.

How have you found online learning?

I like it because I got to learn how to use online stuff. It was hard in the beginning.

Your biggest takeaway from online learning?

 You have to read and practise to learn things. You have to do work on your own to be a good learner.

What did you think of the course?

I like the workplace literacy and numeracy course at Dempsey Wood Civil and I don’t want to stay away from it. I want to keep going because this one hour a day is like a whole day of learning for me. Thank you.

Sione Fihaki at workplace literacy and numeracy learner at Dempsey Wood Civil

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