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Name: Ngāupoko Tapoki

Role: Supervisor

Employer: Delegat


What do you enjoy about working at Delegat?

Delegat has a mix of cultures – being around different people. I like the work too.

What’s been your career path to get to your current role?

I just worked my way up – it’s the way I perform and how I work on the line. I don’t have a good education but I am determined and I like to communicate and be organised.

What have been the 3 most important things you’ve learned along the way?

3 important things I have learnt would have to be:

  1. Managing people
  2. Leading the team
  3. Teamwork – communicating with your team

How did participating in Money Confidence support your learning journey?

It helped me a lot in so many ways that I now understand the purpose of saving and not throwing my money away. Before I thought I understood money but really, I didn’t understand what savings really were. Now I have a plan – this is my last month to pay off my loan.

Thank you to your team – I used to take a loan out every time I go back home. This was the first time I went back home without getting a loan. I actually saved up for it and planned ahead. Every single one of us that did Money Confidence learnt a lot and saved a lot. Thank you!!

As it’s Rarotonga language week, can you teach us something in your language?

How was your day today? Pe ea koe i teia ra?

Tell us about one of your role models:

My role model is my grandmother. She raised me to be who I am today – a caring and loving person.

Where do you see yourself in five/ten years?

Still at Delegat, doing Craig’s role lol … I started as a temp in 2008. I’m going to be a Production Manager – keep working hard for my dream home.

Any other comments?

I am so grateful to you guys at Upskills. you have definitely changed my life. I now have dreams and goals and know how to save.

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