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Kuisa, Tafa and Gwen

Name: Kuisa Fasi

Role: PVC Fabricator

Employer: Solo

Course participated in: Future Ready: Money Confidence

Kuisa Fasi is a PVC Fabricator at Solo and a recent participant in our Future Ready: Money Confidence programme. He walks us through some of the learning takeaways from the course.

Best learning tip:

Saving and budgeting. When we have funerals at church, we all share and prepare food for the family service. Instead of making our usual sandwiches, I made curried eggs which cost less, tasted good, were healthy and everybody liked them. I showed my wife how to make it after one of our Money Confidence sessions and she made it for the family service. It was such a quick and easy recipe and didn’t take us long to prepare so we saved time and money. There were no leftovers. 😊

Teach us something:

Now I understand how much money I lost from loans. Plan your goals and set up your saving for your goals is the best thing.

Best learning and takeaway and why it makes a difference to you:

Understanding about compound interest, it is very easy money if you save and don’t touch it (long term saving).

Goal for the future:

To have my own house.

Find out more

Kuisa’s Money Confidence story is featuring on Oriana TV in the coming weeks so keep an eye out as it hits the screens!

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