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Confectionery manufacturer, RJ’s invests in frontline staff capability


RJ’s Confectionery makes its delicious range of sweet treats in Levin. We’re big fans of Its classic liquorice but it’s hard to choose between this and its best-loved Jaffas and Oddfellows!

They not only make yummy lollies, but they are also committed to nurturing staff potential. So when we talked to them about using the workplace literacy and numeracy fund to boost the foundation skills of their Levin team, RJ’s were all in.

So far the ‘Front Up’ team has tackled numeracy for manufacturing, induction material, health and safety. It even created a training video for colleagues which gave digital literacy skills a good workout.
“I’ve learned how to be more flexible in a way that makes my life happy. This course is amazing!”
“I feel my mind is refreshed about numeracy. It is important because I deal with it everyday about money and everything in the factory. There are a lot of numbers we encounter in the workplace or even in our house.”
“On this course I have taken a leadership role and have helped direct others. I have learned more about coping with disagreements.”
“I learned to have a cool down period if I am angry or upset.”

Programme Manager at Upskills, Janeke Fourie says the programme set out to achieve a deeper understanding of health and safety in the workplace.

“We know how critical it is for staff to understand the importance of health and safety at work, and it’s great to see RJ’s partnering us to co-design this learning.”

We’re excited to see the long-term benefits RJ’s workplace literacy programme, Front Up, will provide to the organisation as well as at individual and team levels.  

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