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Te Vaiaho o te Gagana Tokelau – Tokelau Language Week


Name: Mahina Kalolo

Role: Polisher

Employer: Chant Productions


Mahina works at Chant Productions, an Auckland-based family business producing a precisely engineered and beautifully crafted range of door fixtures.


What do you enjoy about working at Chant Productions?

The chance to work at Chant Productions has, so far, been the best work opportunity I’ve had to date. Within the five months I’ve been here, Chant Production has made me feel at home and given me skills I can use outside of work. My work colleagues have also been nothing short of amazing, welcoming and easy to get along with. I’ve received the best help with planning ahead and it has helped me in ways I wouldn’t have otherwise imagined.


How did participating in Money Confidence training support your learning journey?

I’ve learnt how to budget, spend my money wisely and plan for the future.


Tell us about Tokelau

  • Tokelau is a dependent territory of New Zealand
  • The word “Tokelau” means “North Wind”
  • Tokelau consists of 3 atolls – Fakaofo, Nukunonu and Atafu. Though historically & geographically, there is a  fourth island called Olohega which has been taken by the Jennings family in 1856 & is now part of the USA.
  • The population is approximately 1,300 people
  • Tokelau is the first nation in the world to be 100% solar powered


Teach us something to say in Tokelauan

“Halahala ki vavau, kae ke mau ki pale o Tokelau”

It means, “To plan for the future, is to understand the past.”


What’s the most important thing you would like people to know about Tokelau?

The most important thing I would like people to know about Tokelau is that, because the atolls are only 3-5 metres above sea level, Tokelau is vulnerable to rising sea levels caused by climate change. This could mean that in the future, we may or may not have a homeland to return to.


That’s a powerful message Mahina. We’ve shared some links below to help people who want to act on it. Please do your research and consider making life changes to help combat climate change. It is a real and present danger for everyone but especially in Tokelau.


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