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Be Brave workplace numeracy training

Be Brave tackles workplace numeracy, helping students understand percentages and other equations applicable to the workplace. However, it does so much more than that – building workplace confidence, tackling bullying head on, helping people learn to speak out, and changing attitudes.

Susan Walls, HR Manager – Operations at Griffins, had already implemented the project in a previous workplace, and was excited to bring it to both the Papakura and Wiri factories for NZ’s favourite biscuit producer. “It has a big impact on the communication and teamwork of those who go through the programme, plus it gives them great confidence and helps in their understanding of company documents,” explains Susan on why she brought the programme to Griffins.

Throughout Be Brave, participants work on a project together – identifying an issue within the workplace, and coming up with solutions on how to solve that issue. Many of these have now been implemented, or are on their way to being implemented, such as improved signage in the plants, an induction manual for temporary staff, and a project to improve the way waste is managed.

“This makes a difference in their lives at work and at home – the company, the individuals, and the families all benefit.”

Discover a few of those individuals’ stories:

Upskills and Griffins are proud to be the recipients of the Skills Highway Award 2018 from the Diversity Works Gala. Discover even more about this award-winning initiative in this fantastic video:


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