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Name: Denise Rapana,

Company: Inghams, Tuakau

What do you enjoy most about working at Inghams?

Meeting new people and conquering new challenges (there have been a lot of these!).


What has been the best learning from the Upskills Digital Savvy programme and why does it make a difference to you?

Powerpoint – being able to stand in front of people and do a presentation. Now I have this knowledge, it makes me feel a lot more confident.


Best learning tip

If you are ever offered an opportunity to do digital skills training with Upskills – take it!


Teach us something

I am using freeze panes in Excel, inserting images into emails, setting up appointments on a Teams calendar. I couldn’t do these things before.


Tell us about someone who has inspired you

The guys in my group have inspired me to do more and be more creative on the computer. Oh, and my Upskills Facilitator Mel, we wouldn’t have this without her.


What is your goal for the future?

To take all the learning opportunities that come my way.

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